Saturday, November 29, 2008

Free and Downloadable Ringtones

Isn't it good to customize your mobile phone to enhance its features? Yes, it is and there are several ways that we can do that from our end. Change the operating system if applicable, change casing, add component, install add-on software, and download ringtones. The easiest and most exciting of them all is downloading ringtones. With several sources to choice from, there is no boundary on what ringtone a user wants to install.

From the web alone, there are thousands of websites offering free downloadable melodies. Songs of popular music icon, classic stars, movie soundtracks, kindergarten songs, and even simple quotes can be used as ringtones for mobile phones. These websites offer these items for free. A user may be asked to register and confirm an email before being able to download a tone.

What's the benefit of downloading ringtones than buying it? Of course, if you download it for free there is no need to spend precious dollars and should not be asked to do something in return. That is genuine free download. Downloadable melodies are sometimes better than commercial ones.

There are numerous sites where a webmaster compiles thousands of tones gathered from several sources and offering it free to download on a website. This is more dedicated however there is no assurance on the availability of free downloadable ringtones since the decision is with the webmaster who owns the site. More websites are also offering free downloadable tones to promote network providers.

You can change your melody regularly without the worry of spending. You can download tones anytime you want and change your current ringtone anyway you like. Customizing a mobile phone has never been this convenient.

Another benefit is the availability of wide selection to choose from. From millions of dedicated tone enthusiast there are plenty of genres available. Expect that more and more mobile phone users will be uploading melodies to share what they can to the online community.

In addition, since free downloadable tones are available over the Internet, more mobile phone users will be able to receive and use the melody. From places around the globe, users of different countries have the chance of hearing tones popular to other places.

The only disadvantage of using a free melody is the danger it pose to your mobile phone or computer. Some websites offering free downloadable tones may embed malicious codes to the source of the download. These codes may cause great damage to your computer or mobile phone.

There have been numerous incidents when users download free tones over the Internet, and all of a sudden their computers pops-up some advertisement they never had before. Not all websites offering free downloads may have this scam, but a user should be vigilant in downloading free stuff. However, there are thousands of websites a user can trust when it comes to downloading free tones.

Finding reliable and trustworthy websites can be hard. It is not a guarantee that websites offering free downloadable tones can provide free service forever. They may charge a user on the next download.

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Article Source: Alok_Kumar